Creative Ways Harlow brings you The Colour Project – GREEN

Creative Ways Harlow CIC The Colour Project - GREEN

The Colour Project – GREEN, a Creative Ways Harlow and Essex 2020 Creative Wellbeing Project.

The Colour Project brings you a series of 3 online workshops which will creatively explore the colours Blue, Green and Gold. In each 30 minute session you will learn more about the colour, how it affects you holistically – physically, psychologically and emotionally. You will also have the opportunity through an interesting science based art process to create artworks using each colour.

 By engaging virtually in this session you will explore how to use the range of wonderful benefits and calming qualities of the colour GREEN, with inspirations and ideas on how to incorporate and enhance your life with colour. There is a fun art activity making Natural inks to accompany this session, which combines science and creativity to teach you new skills and processes to awakening your artistic talents.

There are free art packs available to accompany the 3 online workshops, the art pack includes materials for all workshops: Blue, Green and Gold. Please contact us on the email below if you would like an art pack posted out to you (there are 50 available in all, so act quickly). Please remember to put THE COLOUR PROJECT in the message bar and include your name and address in the email.

The project is suitable for adults 18+, if you would like to get involved and find out more about the wonderful colour GREEN then just watch the video below.

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