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Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society Imagine STEM club

CSES invites future scientists to Imagine!

Imagine! STEM Club is back with a series of masterclasses during the school holidays.

Do you imagine how science and medicine could improve the way your body works? Can you imagine how understanding the natural world helps us improve our aircraft, or whether plastics are a good or bad thing? Could you imagine how virtual reality may affect our future lives?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, and you are aged 12-15, then Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society (CSES) invites you to Imagine!

Following from the successful launch of Imagine! STEM Club in 2019, we’re excited to see that Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society (CSES) are bringing it back for Essex 2020 with a series of high quality masterclasses during the school holidays at Anglia Ruskin University.

What’s on?

Thu 16 Apr: Electricity and the micro:bit

An introduction to how we use electronics to control electricity and make things happen.

  • Get an understanding of and practical experience in control system engineering.
  • Learn how to use a micro:bit to solve real-world problems and program it in its easy-to-use block programming language.

This masterclass is suited to science, technology and engineering students aged 12-15 wanting to find out more about controlling electricity and using programming skills to develop solutions.

Mon 25 May: Simple machines and bridges

Discussing how we have adapted the principles of the basic tools (machines) man has used through the ages to design the machines we use today, and by exploring the basics of these machines we will examine the principles of mechanical advantage and simple applied mechanics.

Also… why are there so many different designs of bridge, what determines which design is used and why doesn’t a bridge fall down just under its own weight?

Gravity, forces and the power of the triangle help us understand, and see how a paper bridge can be made stronger by adding… paper!

This masterclass is suited to science, technology and engineering students aged 12-14 wanting to find out more about mechanics and structures.

Wed 27 May: Our neuromuscular system

A comprehensive look at our skeleton, muscles, joints and nerves and how these come together to enable our bodies to move. What can go wrong in and with our body? What can be done with technology and engineering to help? We will look at examples including assistive aids, artificial limbs, intelligent prosthetics, cyborgs and exoskeletons. The session will also cover how we can directly use electrical signals to control muscles and help manage pain via neurostimulators and implanted devices. There will be a demonstration on hand muscle control.

This masterclass is suited to science, technology and engineering students aged 13-15 interested in areas of medical science, technology and robotics.

Mon 27 – Wed 29 Jul: I need a holiday!

A look at how STEM subjects are involved with all aspects of modern life.

By considering the sometimes overused phrase “I really need a holiday”, we look at how the human body works to show that the statement may in fact be true, and then show how a knowledge of Biology, Maths, Physics and Chemistry allow us to actually take the holiday we need.

This masterclass is suited to science, technology and engineering students aged 12-14.


Attendees will be asked to make a non-refundable contribution towards equipment costs for the whole of this programme. This will be waived for those unable to contribute.

All attendees of this programme will be eligible for free student membership of Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society.


If you would like your child to enrol on this programme, please book through Eventbrite by following the event links above.

If you have any questions, please contact CSES STEM Club

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