‘Imagining a New Future’ open call for Southend residents

A smartphone camera with 3d glasses filter taking a photo of the sea and pier in Southend

Focal Point Gallery is inviting people of Southend to share their activities or new experiences during lockdown and to submit ideas for imagining a new positive future for Southend.

You are invited to send in your ideas in the form of a drawing, photo or video. You don’t have to be good at drawing to take part! It can also be a written text, a visual display of words, a recording of your thoughts, a photo of a sculpture, an edible piece of art, something you have grown or a performance. Your artwork will then be displayed publicly in Southend in autumn.

To help you get your idea into an artwork, Focal Point Gallery has selected three local artists (Josephine Melville, Scotty Brave and Laurence Harding) to make an activity pack around the theme. The activity pack can be downloaded here.

This project is presented in conjunction with FPG’s group exhibition, ‘To Dream Effectively’ which brings together international artists whose work offers inventive, and at times cautionary reflections on a future that is conditional on how we dream it to be.

How to Submit: 

Artworks should be submitted on an A4 sheet of paper or as a one minute video. Submissions should be posted, or given into to the front desk at Focal Point Gallery. Scans, digital images or video files can also be emailed to focalpointgallery@southend.gov.uk and will be printed out as appropriate. Please submit your artwork before 25 September.