Inspiring Story: Little Stars Circus

Little Stars Circus

What is Little Stars Circus?

Little Stars Circus provides classes in aerial acrobatics using hoops, silks and trapeze. Based in Chelmsford, its classes encourage fun and fitness and aim to share the joy of circus through performance.

Founder and ringmistress Dr Diana Entwistle has a PhD in bio-mechanics and is an expert on the physiology of sport. Diana and her team will be part of Essex 2020 and hope to reveal the science behind the circus.

Every movement in every sport is underpinned by science. Seeing that movement while hearing about the principles is a fascinating way to bring science to life.

The science behind the circus

“As an aerial acrobat flies through the air on a trapeze hanging by their hands, they are holding their mass (the quantity of matter in their body).

They are experiencing the weight of their body because of the effect of gravity acceleration on this mass (9.81 metres per second on land). To maintain their balance, generate their movements and control the position of their body, they will work with their centre of mass (the imaginary point located where different body segments are equally balanced).

When the trapeze artist is standing still on the floor in an upright position their centre of gravity is around the belly button. As soon as they raise their arms or moves their body the centre of gravity shifts because the masses are no longer distributed in the same way. This movements of the centre of gravity allows aerialists to create many balances and movements.

Dr Diana Entwistle

Little Stars Circus

What’s on?

In May and November 2020, Little Stars Circus is hoping to stage two charity performances that show creativity and the art of aerial acrobatic dance. Performers with physical and learning barriers perform alongside circus school students. 

Little Stars Circus is looking to work with schools and education settings across Essex. Performers can demonstrate basic principles covered in biology and physics, such as momentum, balance and levers as well as cardiac output, stroke volume and heart rate.

They are looking for more volunteers to join the festival steering committee as well as volunteers and scientists to help run the day with activities or activity stands.

Can you collaborate?

Little Stars Circus is looking for owners or managers of landmark buildings or venues in Essex to partner with Little Stars Circus. By hosting their performance, you could help bring to fruition a photographic project that celebrates Essex through the art of aerial acrobatics.

To get involved, visit the Little Stars Circus website today.

All photos credit: Pluck Photography