Join the Essex Steamettes with Tech Activities for Girls

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Essex Steamettes is an initiative developed by Southend Tech. Its aim is to encourage young women into science and technology through online meetups, structured activities, collaborative projects and peer mentoring.

Activities are aimed at girls aged 11-19+ who want to learn creative coding, engineering, digital art and the application of technology to solve problems such as climate change, pollution, ageing.

“Girls love being creative with coding, electronics, and technology. Beginners have fun with friends. As they gain confidence they help run activities at Raspberry Jam Tech Festivals and other #Esssex2020 STEAM activities. Check our events and join the fun.”

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Driving the programme forward, alongside Andy Melder from Southend Tech, is award-winning teenage engineering prodigy Lowena Hull. After being invited to an early online meeting as a speaker, Lowena was so taken by the project she now helps run the sessions.

Read a blog post from Lowena to learn more about what happens at a Steamettes online meet-up. Listen to our Essex 2020 podcast featuring Lowena and Andy.

Not a girl aged 11-19 but still interested in learning about wearable tech?

Minimu Glove Camp Southend Tech and Essex Steamettes

Minimu Glove Camp is a free 6 week online Summer Camp on gesture based wearable tech which is open to all.

It takes place each Tuesday at 10am from July 27th.

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