Mercury Theatre Announces Online Fest 2020 and Open Artist Call

Mercury Online Fest 2020

The Mercury Theatre together with University of Essex, Signals and the Lakeside Theatre are launching a brand new Digital Theatre and Performance Festival taking place over the weekend 21-23 August 2020.

The theatre doors may be closed for the time being but the Mercury has been continuing to connect with artists and audiences through their online programme.

The Digital Festival in August is an exciting new opportunity to showcase the best work by creatives from the east of England in a celebration of all things virtual.

The call for entries for Mercury Online Fest 2020 is now open, with artists invited to respond with digital content that includes but is not limited to any of the following genres: 

  1. Theatre (drama, comedy; radio drama etc.)
  2. Children’s shows
  3. Dance
  4. Music and Sound
  5. Poetry/Spoken Word
  6. Animation
  7. Films
  8. Cabaret
  9. Virtual Visual Arts 
  10. Animation
  11. VR Tours
  12. Interactive Online Performances
  13. Web Art
  14. Games
  15. Digital Image

We encourage participants to submit work that embraces digital technology, responding innovatively to the challenges of the audience’s remote participation and consumption of entertainment and art.
Work can be pre-recorded or streamed live through Zoom or other platforms or formats that suit your art form but must be presented digitally.

Mercury Theatre

Visit the Mercury Theatre website for more information on this incredible opportunity and submission details.

The deadline for submissions is July 3rd.

Mercury Online Fest 2020 aims to champion local creatives and raise the digital profile the East of England.
What an exciting opportunity for Essex-based artists to find creative new ways to platform their work, test ideas, start debate and get noticed!