PODCAST #13 – Global Marine Group: Energy, Design & Opportunity

Essex 2020 podcast 13 - Global Marine Group

The Essex 2020 podcast

In this series, we go behind the scenes of the UK’s biggest celebration of science and creativity.  In each episode, Essex 2020 project director Richard Freeman meets some of the brilliant people and organisations who are working to create, inspire and discover Essex’s past, present and future. 

In this episode: Grant Bibby of Global Marine Group

Global Marine Group is a Chelmsford-headquartered specialist provider of installation, maintenance and repairs of submarine communications cable for the telecommunications, oil & gas and deep sea research industries.

Global Marine provides engineering and underwater services  around the world, with a fleet of vessels, ROVs and specialised subsea trenching and burial equipment.

Richard Freeman talks to Design Draftsman Engineer apprentice Grant Bibby about working for Global Marine Group, and being an apprentice during lockdown. They discuss the role of creativity in his engineering design work, and what it involves day-to-day.

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Essex 2020 is an Essex Partners initiative. This is an always possible podcast.

The interviewer was Richard Freeman for always possible and the producer was Chris Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts