PODCAST #15 – USP College: Co-Designing Science + Creativity Careers

Essex 2020 Podcast 15 - USP College

The Essex 2020 podcast

In this series, we go behind the scenes of the UK’s biggest celebration of science and creativity.  In each episode, Essex 2020 project director Richard Freeman meets some of the brilliant people and organisations who are working to create, inspire and discover Essex’s past, present and future. 

In this episode: Olivia Suleman of ITEC / USP College

ITEC Learning Technologies was originally set up by Basildon Borough Council in 1983 with the objective of providing information technology training for the Basildon District. 

For over 35 years they have been providing apprenticeships to over 1,000 employers across the Essex, and in 2020 was awarded IT Training Provider of the Year by SME News.

In 2019 ITEC merged with USP College to develop resources, enhance facilities and broaden the offer.

In this episode, Richard Freeman talks to Olivia Suleman, formerly at South Essex College and now Business Development Manager at ITEC – an expert on apprenticeships and vocational training in the Essex digital and ICT industries.

They look at the changing attitudes to further education and the skills agenda, and the opportunities and challenges for young people and adults considering careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

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Essex 2020 is an Essex Partners initiative. This is an always possible podcast.

The interviewer was Richard Freeman for always possible and the producer was Chris Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts