Raspberry Jam STEAM Festival – Full Line-up

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As part of Future City and Essex 2020, Southend Tech has organised the Raspberry Jam STEAM Festival – a programme of incredible tech-related online events and workshops taking place over half term.

What’s on?

Monday 26th Oct

Southend Tech Coding Meetup
Talks and demos of cool tech including Raspberry Pi powered Alexa, a BlackJack Game coded with Python and PyGame, and Lissajous figures – musical, mathematical, beautiful using x, y oscilloscopes and virtual modular synths

Tuesday 27th Oct

Introduction to Microbit
Introduction to Microbit and ‘build a pacemaker’

Essex Steamettes presents
Build your own Alexa style chatbot in Scratch

Raspberry Pint
Talks on a solar powered, autonomous, Raspberry Pi powered boat and how RGB LEDs work and can be coded

Wednesday 28th Oct

Lockdown Loss and Future Hope
Create stories and animations using Scratch

STEAM Education Meetup
Discussing educational aspects of STEAM in Essex. Aimed at teachers, STEM Ambassadors, Raspberry Jam and Code Club mentors and those looking to help with activities in the future

Thursday 29th Oct

Essex Steamettes Showcase
Essex Steamettes present talks and demos of all the cool projects they’ve worked on during lockdown

Friday 30th Oct

Creating VR Stories and Animations
Creating virtual reality stories and animations using a Scratch like interface. Under 18s

Saturday 31st Oct

Raspberry Jam STEAM Talks
An astounding array of 5-10 minute tech talks and demos on an amazing variety of subjects

Sunday 1st Nov

Essex Steamettes presents Your Code in Space
Send messages and animations to Astronauts on the International Space Station. Change it according to humidity and receive a certificate from European Space Agency. 14yrs and under.

Monday 2nd Nov

Raspberry Jam Mini Hackathon
Collaborate to develop a solution to a problem in Zoom breakout rooms; share the solutions developed together to the group. In association with Preston Raspberry Jam

Who are Southend Tech?

Southend Tech collaborates across sectors. They run Raspberry Jams, hackathons, coding, makerspace and Smart City events in Southend and across Essex. They use the Raspberry Pi computer, BBC MicroBit, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and lots of other fun tech and electronics to learn and create innovative solutions and projects.

See a playlist of the videos which the Essex Steamettes have made following the MiniMu glove lessons here.

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