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Essex Police Museum virtual tour as part of Essex 2020

As part of Essex 2020’s celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM), Essex Police showcased the abilities of their many teams who are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to help people, keep them safe and to catch criminals.

The police are vital as a first-response emergency service but have you ever thought about the wealth of work that goes on behind the scenes? There are many roles and activities that encompass all elements of STEAM. For example; forensic science, drone technology, databases, artist impressions, audio/video enhancement and cyber security to name just a few. Not to mention the design and maintenance of a myriad of mechanical and electronic devices used to solve policing problems and fight crime.

Police Museum Virtual Tour
Dog Unit
Drones Team
Marine Unit

Virtual Tour of the Essex Police Museum

In September we were treated to a fantastic tour of the Essex Police Museum, which shows some of the exhibits on display and talks through some of the technology that has been used over the years in crime scene investigations. Learn about the history of the Essex Police force and the development of their crime-fighting and communications technology in this fascinating and informative video.

Visit Essex Police Museum to find out about visiting the museum and booking a tour.

The Dog Unit shows its ‘ultimutt’ skills

Video featuring the Dog Unit, which was formed in 1953 with two dogs – a Doberman called Remoh, and Senta, a German Shepherd. Plus two officers, PC Pete Cousins and PC Dan Hare. In June 1955, they made their first arrest after attending a burglary at Cherry Tree Public House, in Mersea Road, Colchester.

Did you know? A dog’s sense smell is 40 times greater than a human’s. This means Essex Police dogs can find criminals two hours after an incident has taken place.

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The Drones Team

Video featuring Essex Police’s Drones Team and the vital role specialist equipment plays in many varying scenarios.

The Marine Unit

See how the Essex Police Marine Unit has evolved technologically since its launch in 1949. Marine Unit officers cover 365 miles of coastline, one of the longest in the UK, and carry out high-visibility patrols along its entire length.

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Feeling Inspired?

Essex Police are recruiting police officers, special constables and detectives. Visit Essex Police careers if you want to learn new skills and become part of the team.

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