FPG Art Activity Pack – Imagining a New Future

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Focal Point Gallery brings you an art activity pack for all ages. It accompanies an open call for Southend residents to submit art relating to their lockdown experiences as part of the To Dream Effectively group exhibition but is a fantastic resource that could be used by anyone at any time to stimulate artistic creativity.

Focal Point Gallery has selected three local artists (Josephine Melville, Scotty Brave and Laurence Harding) to make an activity pack around the theme of Imagining a New Future.

A smartphone camera with 3d glasses filter taking a photo of the sea and pier in Southend

The activities

  • To Write and Inspire with Josephine Melville
  • Thoughts for Change by Brave_Arts
  • A Photography Project designed by Laurence Harding

If you are a Southend resident Focal Point Gallery invites you to share your activities or new experiences during lockdown and submit ideas for imagining a new positive future for Southend.

What did you do during your period of lockdown that was different to before? Did you try out a new creative activity that made you feel positive, that you would like to continue doing? Did you try planting seeds, baking, drawing, sewing, making an object? Did you get out cycling or any other type of exercise that you hadn’t done before? Did you take photographs or make a video?

Read more about the call out and how to submit your ideas.

About the artists

Josephine Melville is a Creative Practitioner, coming from a performing background, encompassing theatre film and TV. She is also a writer, director and workshop facilitator delivering in schools and the corporate sector

Scotty Brave is a Street artist who has recently been inspired by the art that he has seen at protests.

Laurence Harding is a freelance photographer who lives in Leigh-on-Sea, and regularly leads workshops at Focal Point Gallery (FPG),
as well as in local schools and colleges. She specializes in analogue photography and often experiments with historical photographic processes. Her work has been exhibited in London, Brighton, and Southend.

If you enjoyed these activities, be sure to visit Focal Point Gallery when it is safe to do so and visit the exhibition ‘To Dream Effectively’ (12 September 2020 –17 January 2021).