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Soundings from Essex

As part of the extraordinary Echoes from Essex festival electric voice theatre and Chelmsford Theatres bring you Soundings from Essex.

In eight weekly episodes of music, art and conversation, historian Patricia Fara and modern scientists discuss the achievements and frustrations of Essex’s female pioneers. All episodes will be archived below as a lasting resource.

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Women of Essex: Forgetting to Remember. Soundings 8.

Water and Land: Splash, Burble, Gurgle, Whoosh. Soundings 7

Beryl Platt: Baroness of Writtle. Soundings 6

Florence Attridge: The Secret Radio Pioneer from Chelmsford. Soundings 5.

Gulielma Lister: Leytonstone’s World Expert on Fungi. Soundings 4

Ellen Willmott The Botanical Gardener of Brentwood. Soundings 3

Elizabeth Tollet: Stratford’s Scientific Poet Soundings from Essex. Soundings 2

Margaret Cavendish The Blazing Star from Colchester – Soundings 1

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