Travelling Natural History Museum: Green Marine Home Resource

Green Marine is a workshop looking at both prehistoric and modern marine life.

These activities were demonstrated live as part of the Green Marine live-streaming workshop from Travelling Natural History Museum on November 22nd. You can watch the recordings (part 1 and part 2) below.

Scroll down to download the resource sheets, then gather your ‘ingredients’ and get creative!

Leafy Fish!

Autumn with all its glorious colours will be utilised in this easy ‘Leafy Fishes’ art activity. Great for all the family to enjoy! So pull on your wellingtons and prepare to take a stroll.

Gather leaves, make a bubbly background, create your own sea world and a stand to display your creation on.

Go Fishing!

Time to test your skills and challenge each other! What better craft activity is there than one which ends up in a game?! So get those wellies on again and go fetch some sticks!

Collect your sticks, make your fishing rod and fish, challenge your friends and family to see who can catch the most fish.

Green Marine Song

Listen to the Green Marine song, download the lyric sheet and sing along at home.

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