Travelling Natural History Museum: Snow White and the Naughty Elf Home Resource

Meet the latest characters from the Travelling Natural History Museum team; Arctic Man and Snow Girl!

These activities were demonstrated live as part of the Snow White and the Naughty Elf live streaming event from Travelling Natural History Museum.

View a recording of the live stream below, scroll down to download the resource sheets, then gather your ‘ingredients’ and get creative!

Twiglet Tree Display

It’s time to take a walk and find your perfect natural resources!

This time of year is great for displaying creative projects, and this Twiglet Tree activity is perfect for all the family to join in too.

Click the button below to download the activity sheet to find out what you’ll need and instructions for making your tree.

All you need to decide is how big are your twiglets, and how many trees! So, wellingtons at the ready? Lets go collect some twiglets!

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