Women of Science and Music: 30 Celebrations

Minerva Scientifica Connections 2020

As part of their extraordinary Echoes Minerva Scientifica project, electric voice theatre are producing a series of 30 short podcasts to celebrate history’s forgotten or unsung women of science and music. In each 15 minute episode scientists, historians and musicians come together to focus on one extraordinary woman and an original musical work is unveiled that pays tribute to her achievements. Many of the episodes shine a light on pioneering Essex women to accompany the Echoes from Essex festival celebrations.

Episode 12 The Queen of Slime Mould

Episode 11 An Engineer’s Daughter

Episode 10 The Ghost of Warley Place

Episode 9 Another Holst in Thaxted

Episode 8 Secrets of Bletchley Park

Episode 7 Windrush Medicine

Episode 6 A Magnificent Woman

Episode 5 A Sense of Engineering

Episode 4 Music for Marconi’s Secret Engineer

Episode 3: Two Doctors, One Hundred Years

Episode 2: An Unwelcome Guest

Women of Science & Music: 30 Celebrations – Episode 1

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