RPS Science Photographer of the Year competition opens

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Entries are now being accepted for the Royal Photographic Society 2020 Science Photographer of the Year competition.

Submissions are free and open to all, irrespective of scientific or photographic experience, or the equipment used.

The competition celebrates the many realms of science and the powerful role of photography in its development. It looks for outstanding images that show science in action, telling stories behind scientific exploration and application, and illustrating the many fascinating and crucial ways that science impacts our lives, and our natural world, every day.

You don’t need to be a scientist or have lots of scientific instruments to create amazing images that illustrate scientific theories. The competition website gives you some great suggestions for activities you can try at home. You don’t even have to leave the house to get a great shot!

If you are in school or college you could photograph your science experiments (don’t forget to get your teacher’s permission).

This year there is a new category ‘Climate Change’ for images that address global environmental and ecological issues.

There are two age groups:

  • Young Science Photographer of the Year (entrants aged 17 and under)
  • Science Photographer of the Year (entrants aged 18 and over

The closing date for entries is 4th December 2020. Visit the RPS competition website for more guidance, inspiration, FAQs and terms and conditions.

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