CLIP Sound and Music CIC are a Colchester based social enterprise who create experiments with sound, and create music from unexpected places!


CLIP use fun musical experiments, games and challenges to create a playful approach to music making, making sure that self perceived “musical ability” is never a barrier to musical creativity.

Their previous projects have seen them collaborate with Colchester Zoo to record a variety of animals noises and make music for an exhibition at Firstsite Gallery, Colchester. In 2018 they even played a gig in the north sea, performing Terry Riley’s “In C” quite literally in the sea!

Most recently CLIP have developed their very own instrument, the Photon Smasher – a microphone for listening to light! Part science experiment part musical instrument, it turns flashing bicycle lights into glitch drum beats and LEDs into futuristic drones.

The technology was developed through their education work, with participants helping test the instrument as well as write the music for the product trailer. The Photon Smasher is available to buy now from their website.

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What is CLIP?

Photon Smasher – make music with light

In (the) C – Playing Terry Rileys In C, in the sea


Coming soon in the Essex 2020 Podcast series – CLIP co-founder Frazer Merrick speaks about the Photon Smasher and his work with CLIP and Signals.


Photon Smasher – Community Informed Design