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Little Stars Circus is a team of professional aerialists who want to spread the fun and fitness that learning aerial arts brings.


From their fully-equipped studio in Chelmsford, Little Stars gives children an alternative way to develop physical, mental and social skills, through gravity-defying activities like aerial hoop and trapeze.

Little Stars is led by founder Dr. Diana Entwistle a professional aerialist and ice skater with a background in squad level gymnastics and ballet. Diana has a PhD in bio-mechanics and is an expert on the physiology of sport.

Offering both children’s and adult classes – Little Stars Circus training is rooted in core principles of biology and physics, developing the fundamental physical skills of risk, balance, stamina, strength, flexibility, and body awareness.



Little Stars Circus featured ahead of the 2018 Chelmsford Festival

Coming soon! Developed for Essex 2020 – a series of digital resources for home education and use in schools. A series of videos and accompanying worksheets aligned to the national curriculum.

If you would like to book Little Stars Circus to come to your school or event contact Diana via one of the methods below.

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