Travelling Natural History Museum

Stansted’s Travelling Natural History Museum brings natural history education and entertainment out of a museum setting and into schools, homes and other venues via their workshops, parties, events and prop hire.


The Travelling Natural History Museum are an inspirational company set up by curator and founder Peter TaBois (fondly known as Dinoman).

In recent years Peter has been joined by enthusiast and fellow dinosaur expert Kay Lamprell (aka Dinogirl). Together they have pushed the envelope with a variety of projects and events and this year adapted their offer to include virtual events, workshops and parties.

Learn how the Travelling Natural History was hatched, almost literally, with an egg in the first Dino FM podcast.

Paleontology and natural history and a sound modern-day ecological message are at the heart of the Travelling Natural History Museum’s work.

Peter and Kay pride themselves on the STEAM skills they use and impart: creativity, curiosity, research, brainstorming and ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ shine through and light up the imaginations of their young workshop participants.

The aim is to inspire and educate but also bring fun and laughter into the mix too. Travelling Natural History Museum’s brand of ‘edutainment’ never fails to delight pupils or viewers of all ages and ability levels.

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