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Personal / Organisation Details

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Activity Detail 1

Not required for online activities
Not required for online activities

Activity Detail 2

Every activity listing will have an accessible image. Please upload landscape format images (ideal dimensions 820px x 500px).You are responsible for getting permission for the images you use and can only use images for which you have permission from the image owner. We will not upload images that have text which is too small to read or do not meet the image specifications for the website. If you do not have an image, please select the option for Essex 2020 to use an Essex 2020 image for the activity.
The aim of the activity summary is to tempt potential participants and audiences to read more. Please supply a standalone overview of your activity (up to 50 words) for use in newsletters and publicity. Potential participants should get a sense of the activity and why they might want to attend. You do not need to include information about date, time, cost or details from the activity tags. Please note, not supplying this information may result in your activity not being featured in publicity aside from the web listings.

Activity Description

The aim of the activity description is to provide specific information about the activity to encourage people to click through to your booking page. Your activity description should include the following:

  • What will happen in the activity and what participants will be experiencing or doing
  • What is interesting about the activity and how the activity fits with the STEAM agenda of Essex 2020
  • Information about who is running the activity and who will be involved, for example experts, speakers or well-known practitioners
  • Who the activity will appeal to and what people will get out of attending. Also include here if the activity is ONLY for a specific group or people.

You do not need to include the date/time/location/cost details in the activity description – they will be listed alongside it.

You can also include information about available concession rates
For online events: include information about online requirements, such as registering for a Zoom account. For physical events: include information such as suitability for wheelchair users; whether the activity involves stairs, inclines or a lot of walking; availability of toilet facilities; ease of access via public transport; parking facilities; what type of seating there is and hearing loops. You may also want to provide more detailed explanations from your booking page.

Search Tags

The tags you select here will help the right people find your activity. Being selective and specific creates a better experience for participants.

Participants will also be able to search by the type of experience they are likely to have. Please enter single words separated by commas.
Choose the age group that your activity is aimed at to make it easier for the right people to find your activity. You can provide more information about opportunities being open to everyone in the activity description
Potential participants will be able to search by these terms so include as many as are relevant.

You can send an individual message to the Essex 2020 delivery team by emailing